80-HOUR PTO Train-the-Trainer Class Being Held In Las Vegas In October

Posted: August 1, 2017

Offered by: 
The Hoover Group of Reno

The 80-hour Train-the-Trainer Course prepares the trainer to teach the 40-hour Basic PTO Course as well as how to develop and implement the PTO Program. All topics taught in the Basic Course will be covered as well as advanced topics and opportunities to create audio-visual presentations of the material. The participant will be exposed to leadership and adult-learning principles in greater depth.

All participants will research, prepare, and present topics relating to the Reno Model. An instructor’s manual and PowerPoint presentation are provided.

The fundamentals of post-academy training are covered including problem-based learning theory and method, available training resources, evaluation methods, emotional intelligence, the Learning Matrix, cooperative learning, mentoring, and the Neighborhood Portfolio.

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