Special Red Ale Available Only for Chiefs For The Fallen Hero Beer Fundraiser 

Posted: August 8, 2017

Dear Fellow Chiefs,

As many of you know the Fallen Hero Foundation (Colorado’s line of duty death response team http://cofallenhero.org/) has been working on fundraising to cover expenses of deploying trained team members to assist local agencies in the event of a line of duty death.

We have teamed up with the Tivoli Brewery on a special beer as a fundraiser for the foundation.  The beer is a special red ale recipe that they are making just for us.  It will be similar to their Wild Horse Bock Ale.  They are providing the beer to us at cost.  Tivoli beer normally sells at retail for about $36.00 a case.  For the fundraiser we are selling the beer for $40.00 a case.  We are bottling the beer in mid to late August and want to distribute on Saturday September 16th. 

As this was our first time at this; we worked with the brewery on a small amount of cases to be sold.  It now appears that this is going to be a very popular item.  As this beer is going to go fast we have decided to skip the expensive on-line ordering process and just try to market directly to local agencies or regions and have them manage their own orders and pick-up.  There will only be 750 cases available.  So, priorities go to the first people to make confirmed orders with me. 

What I am asking of you is to organize sales, money collection, and distribution within your department or region.  If you can promote this and just let me know how many confirmed cases of beer you would like for your department or region and get me a check for the order that would be fantastic.  Departments or regions can send an adult over 21 years of age to the brewery on the Auraria Campus in Denver on the pick-up date and take the cases back for individual distribution.  The Tivoli Brewery has a distribution warehouse in Dotsero where western slope orders could be picked-up.  (The date for the Dotsero distribution is yet to be set)

Here is what the label will look like (There will be some text about the foundation added to blue and grey fields) :

We are still working on a few other marketing items like t-shirts and mugs with the logo.  If this goes well Tivoli Brewing is interested in making this an annual event and changing the labels every year.  I would like to have orders in by September 1, 2017 if at all possible.

Please contact me directly at [email protected] or at my desk 303-556-2214 with any questions you have.

Mike Phibbs