Puerto Rico Requesting Assistance From Bi-Lingual Law Enforcement Officers

Posted: September 28, 2017

Chiefs, Sheriff's, et All;
Colorado has received a request from Puerto Rico to provide Bi-Lingual Law Enforcement Officers to assist in security needs throughout the island. Officers would be assigned various duties such as enforcing curfew, infrastructure security, etc. Our portion of this request is part of a broader request for up to 1,500 LEO's for this function.
I currently am waiting on clarification regarding vehicles and what type of guns are authorized or needed.

Here are the details for the mission:
Personnel would deploy on 9/30 and return appx. 10/14, extensions are possible and can be addressed later.
Duty length would be 15 days with 1 day of travel on each side - totaling up to 17 days
Working conditions are Hurricane ravaged field environment (Safety gear; boots, gloves needed)
Living conditions would be in a basecamp type facility or ship with meals provided
All Travel will be arranged by DHSEM Logistics staff.
Personnel should expect and be capable of working in high heat conditions with humidity and high heat indexes.
If your agency is interested, please complete the attached excel file, and appoint an agency coordinating POC as we work to fill this request.
To complete the attached file;
Personnel Tab: Enter the data as requested in the appropriate columns
Equipment Tab: If your agency would charge for the use of Firearms, ammunition, Tasers, etc,  please enter this here
All emails for this mission shall be sent to: [email protected]
Your assistance is greatly appreciated !! 
Professionally, Jeremy
Jeremy Utter |  Logistics Section Chief