Dwight Henninger Is Running For The 4th Vice President Of IACP & Needs Your Help

Posted: October 5, 2017

Colorado Chief’s,

I need your help to win the election for 4th Vice President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police at the conference in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, October 23, 2017.  There are two other candidates from the East Coast running against me and they have the home field advantage!  I need every one of you to take action to help me get elected, so I can represent Colorado and CACP with the IACP.  This is important for our State and Association!

If attending the Conference:

That means that each of you attending the IACP conference in Philly need to take the few moments to vote on Monday and to stick around till noon on Tuesday for a possible run off!  I need you to encourage other attendees to vote for me too!  Wear my green stickers that will be handed out at the conference.  Lastly, I need help staffing my booth from Friday at noon till Monday afternoon.  It is important to have at least one Colorado Chief at the booth at all times, to show CACP’s support of me, to anyone who stops by.  I have a link to the on-line sign-up sheet for you to commit to a time that works for you during the conference.  Please go to the spread sheet and sign-up now, it saves automatically.   

Link:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HygL2DyK-q5OHU-qdt1gFCdeYUJjSQ7zzY2hnIva8zc/edit#gid=0

Join other Colorado Chiefs and attendees to go as a group to vote for our endorsed candidate Chief Dwight Henninger on October 23rd at 11:30 AM!  Meet for a picture and group voting in the Conference Registration area, next to the IACP Store on level 100 of the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Please contact Steamboat Springs PD Chief Cory Christensen, or Frisco PD Chief Tom Wickman, who are acting as my Colorado Leads to help with campaigning at the Conference.

Cory Christensen                                                                      Tom Wickman
Chief of Police                                                                          Chief of Police
Steamboat Springs Police Department                                                Frisco Police Department
(970) 879-1144                                                                                      (970) 668-3579
[email protected]                                         [email protected]

If not attending the IACP Conference:

I think Chief’s are inherently not trusting, so a call from a peer encouraging them to vote goes a long way.  So please call 5 of your friends that will be attending the conference and ask them to vote for me.  I have attached my facts sheet for your information.  Please feel free to forward it to those you talk to, or direct them to my 2 minute campaign video at my website at www.Dwight4IACP.com

All active IACP members can vote, that means all Chiefs, Directors of Public Safety, Superintendents and Commissioners and all the number two’s in their organizations!  You can check your membership status on the IACP website at www.theiacp.org

After all the challenges in policing, it’s clear that we need a 4th VP of the IACP with the dedication, leadership and experience to make sure we keep us moving in the right direction for our State.

If you want to make sure you need to help elect a 4th Vice President who will stand up for you Washington DC, then vote for Dwight Henninger for 4th VP.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked hard for policing, I will step up and make sure we’re ready in Colorado to take action and protect our communities.

I’m overwhelmed by all of the support that you’ve shown since I started this campaign -- now, we’re down to the last few days before October 23rd, I’m asking you to help make sure we’re going cross the finish line successfully.

Please give me a call if you have any questions or ideas to help me be successful for Colorado, it has been 60 years since a Coloradoan was the President of IACP!