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This Week's CACP Sponsor In The Spotlight: Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc.

Posted: May 10, 2018

We'd like to thank Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc. for its continued support of CACP. Crime Scene Cleaners was the lanyard sponsor at the 2018 Mid-Year Conference and we are glad they were able to join us.

Death, traumatic injury, or hazardous contamination are events that few people ever plan to experience. Unfortunately, the problems that arise from these events are very difficult for people to cope with. Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc. is ready at all times to remedy any situation that may arise from such events. Our clients choose us for our proven expertise in providing prompt, professional cleanup services and restoring property to its original condition. Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc. was formed in Colorado in 2003 in order to service all types of trauma, distressed property and biohazard scenes in communities across the Colorado and boarding states. We are dedicated to assisting law enforcement, public service agencies and property owners/managers in restoring property that has been contaminated as a result of crime, disaster or misuse.

It is our goal to provide a superior service through integrity and attention to detail, exemplified through our extensive training in OSHA courses, Blood Borne Pathogens and Hazard Material Safety Handling. We also perform full Law Enforcement background checks on all our staff. We guarantee our work to your satisfaction and being a small, locally owned company are able to remain the most affordable bio-cleaning service in the state.

Contact Crime Scene Cleaners:

Phone: 303.777.0190
Email: [email protected]

Thank you Crime Scene Cleaners, Inc.


New Job Posting Available On Website

Posted: May 3, 2018

A new job for the Town of Severance has been posted on the CACP website. You can find it here. Be sure you are logged in to access the job posts and descriptions.

If you have a Chief of Police job that you would like to post on the CACP website, please send the information to [email protected].

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2 Folks Have Renewed To CACP! 

Posted: May 3, 2018

CACP would like to recognize our most recently renewed members, Ron Pinson of the Lone Tree Police Department and Phil Stubblefield of the Meeker Police Department. Thank you both for your continued membership with CACP!

Do you have officers on your staff who would like to become Associate members of CACP? Encourage them to join today!

Be sure to connect with any of these members if you're in the same region. Remember -- you can search all CACP members on the website.


This Week's CACP Sponsor In The Spotlight: Visual Labs Inc.

Posted: May 3, 2018

We'd like to thank Visual Labs Inc. for its continued support of CACP. Visual Labs was a break sponsor at the 2018 Mid-Year Conference and we are glad they were able to join us.

Visual Labs takes a completely different approach to body worn cameras versus the many other “camera‑only” products on the market today. The Visual Labs body camera solution represents a paradigm shift in the thinking toward body worn cameras. We believe the appropriate definition of BWC is not Body Worn Camera, but instead Body Worn Computer.

We believe that there is no reason for any security agency to acquire a simple, camera-only device when available technology provides the option for so much more functionality, with the potential for significant cost savings.

The Visual Labs solution uses a fully-functioning smartphone as the recording device and provides all the features that camera-only devices offer. The key advantage of the Visual Labs system is that all the built-in functionality of the smartphone (a small computer) is also available. This includes the ability to obtain real-time situational awareness via a live stream video feed sent to a command center, which could be fixed or mobile, and could be located anywhere in the world. Further, with appropriate authorization and control, a command center has the ability to remotely initiate a live video stream. This functionality could prove to be critical in cases where communication with an officer cannot be established, whether due to radio equipment failure or, in a worst-case scenario, due to the officer’s inability to respond.

Contact Visual Labs:
[email protected]

Thank you Visual Labs Inc.


Cold Case Investigations – Strategies & Best Practices

Posted: April 25, 2018

Register for the Cold Case Investigations - Strategies and Best Practices no-cost training on May 1 and 2, 2018. This is a 16-hour course that will be held at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and it will provide participants with an overview of proven strategies for resolving previously unsolved homicide cases (“cold cases”) under best practice investigative process and strategies for cold cases incorporating evidence testing & DNA forensic technology. 

To Register Contact

Colorado Bureau of Investigation
1st Floor Conference Room
690 Kipling Street
Denver, CO 80215

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