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IJIS Institute Mid-Year Briefing, August 15-16 in Denver

Posted: July 18, 2018

Join us for IJIS Institute's Mid-year Briefing, Aug. 15-16 in Denver, a conference focused on technology and information sharing in law enforcement and public safety.
The IJIS Institute is a nonprofit working to promote and enable technology in the public sector and expand the use of information to maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity. The IJIS Institute brings together the public and private sectors in a collaborative process, within and across our areas of focus.

Keynote speakers for the 2018 Mid-year Briefing:

  • Cynthia Coffman, Colorado Attorney General
  • Paul Steinberg, Motorola's CTO
  • Garry Briese, Executive Director of the CO Fire Chiefs Association
  • Joe Thome, Deputy Director of the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice

Session topics for the 2018 Mid-year Briefing will include:

  • Using Data to Combat the Growing Opioid Crisis
  • Using Secure Data Environments to Improve School Safety
  • Broadband for Public Safety: FirstNet and NIST’s Public Safety Communications Research
  • Challenges with Non-Law Enforcement Background Checks
  • Fusion Center Priorities and Challenges
  • Demystifying the Blockchain
  • Improving Outcomes with Colorado’s Justice-to-Health Exchange
  • Corrections Technology in the Future...Where are We Heading?
  • Understanding N-DEx and NIBRS
  • The Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • The Colorado Criminal eDiscovery System

Join us at the 2018 Mid-year Briefing. Register at

More Ways to Be Involved!

IJIS Associates are active employees of nonprofits, government agencies, or institutions of higher learning who are engaged in the justice, public safety, or homeland security missions. As an Associate of the IJIS Institute, you will participate in helping facilitate mission-critical information sharing and standards adoption and join with leaders and innovators from the technology industry to further national efforts to improve technology for justice, public safety, and homeland security. There is no cost to join the IJIS Institute as an Associate if you are eligible. Get involved today and join us!


This Week's CACP Sponsor In The Spotlight: Nicoletti-Flater Associates

Posted: July 18, 2018

We'd like to thank Nicoletti-Flater Associates for its continued support of CACP. Nicoletti-Flater Associates was a program sponsor the 2018 Annual Conference and we are glad they were able to join us.

Nicoletti-Flater Associates has specialized in providing trauma intervention, threat assessment, and police and public safety psychological services since 1975. With a staff of 12 people, we have provided assessment, consultation, intervention, and training services to more than 300 national corporations, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency medical agencies, security companies, schools, and religious institutions at the local, national, and international levels including places such as Antarctica. Nicoletti-Flater Associates staff are among the most highly-trained public safety psychologists in the Country, having three psychologists, including Dr. Nicoletti, Dr. Axelrod, and Dr. Tasci who are Board Certified Specialists in Police and Public Safety Psychology.

Contact Nicoletti-Flater Associates at:

Telephone: 303-989-1617
Email: [email protected]

Thank you Nioletti-Flater Associates


LPO Classes Posted on Saturday, June 14 

Posted: July 12, 2018

LPO classes will be posted at on Saturday, July 14, 2018. Please remember that there is a high demand for this class. For more information please visit


This Week's CACP Sponsor In The Spotlight: FirstNet Built with AT&T

Posted: July 12, 2018

We'd like to thank FirstNet Built with AT&T. for its continued support of CACP. FirstNet Built with AT&T was a hospitality reception sponsor the 2018 Annual Conference and we are glad they were able to join us.

FirstNet — the network, devices, applications, and technologies — is a dedicated communications tool created for and by public safety. Together with first responders, we are committed to advancing public safety, making their communications easier, faster and more direct. So, first responders can focus on what’s important: working together to save lives.

Visit FirstNet's website at for more information!


Thank you FirstNet Built with AT&T


Officer Resiliency and Wellness A Comprehensive Approach to a Healthy Career in Law Enforcement

Posted: July 5, 2018

Free Training July 11th, 2018:
Professional Learning Center & Conference Center
15771 E. 1st Ave.
Aurora, CO 80011

Hours: 0800 - 1630

Hosted by: The Aurora Police Department

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s (IMPD) Office of Professional Development and Wellness (OPDW) is recognized by the Department of Justice (DOJ) as the national model for Police Officer Resiliency and Wellness. This free 8-hour training outlines the structure of the OPDW, highlights the developmental programs that are foundational to the unit and will assist your agency in networking and partnering with outside resources to help officers plan for happy, healthy and successful lives on and beyond the job.

Click here for more details.

Click here for registration. 

To register, email Officer Emily Hitchings at: [email protected].

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