DHSEM Releases Colorado Homeland Security Strategy

Posted: January 2, 2019

As the CACP representative to the Homeland Security and All Hazards Senior Advisory Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee I wanted to make sure you, the Colorado Chiefs of Police are aware of this new 2019-2023 Colorado Homeland Security Strategy (CHSS). Thanks to all who participated in the planning process!

The purpose of the CHSS is to ensure a prepared, safe and resilient Colorado through a coordinated approach to homeland security and emergency management. This strategy will enhance Colorado’s capabilities in the five mission areas of prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery; as well as the four additional functional areas of training and exercise, planning, cybersecurity and preparedness through an integrated and actionable plan. 

The 2019-2023 CHSS was built on the expertise and input from local, state, federal and private sector stakeholders and represents a whole community approach to planning for our future. We focused on a unity of purpose between state, local and federal governmental entities, non-governmental entities, and private sector stakeholders with nearly 1,000 stakeholders involved in the development of this strategy through surveys, engagement meetings, professional association workshops and subject matter expert discussions from across nearly every sector and discipline engaged in this domain.,. We are committed to continuing to incorporate the expertise and participation of our numerous stakeholders from across the state as we move this plan forward.

As threats and hazards facing Colorado are ever changing, this CHSS will be reviewed annually and modified as necessary to ensure we are ready to address any new or emergent threats and hazards that might arise. We will also be reporting on the progress of this strategy through the HSAC to ensure we hold ourselves accountable to accomplishing our goals and objectives.

We remain committed to working together with all of our homeland security and emergency management partners to develop informed, educated, and motivated communities that are prepared for all-hazards events.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Dwight Henninger

Chief of Police

Vail Police Department

3rd Vice President, IACP