Professional Standards Materials and Applications

Professional Standards exist to enable CACP and CSOC members to achieve a “Professional” status. The adoption of minimum professional standards is necessary for Colorado Police and Sheriff Organizations to achieve the status of “Professional”. CACP/CSOC through the Professional Standards Committee safeguard the integrity of the accreditation process for their members by utilizing professionally accepted methods for CACP/CSOC professional accreditation. The CACP/CSOC exists to assess law enforcement operations of applicant agencies. Agencies that provide detention services are encouraged to attain professional accreditation through other accrediting entities for such services.

Professional Standards are statements of minimum requirements adopted by CACP/CSOC with the intent to more clearly define the role and responsibilities of a Colorado Peace Officer and to enhance the quality of services provided. Professional Standards at a minimum incorporate a Professional Code of Ethics, minimum professional standard requirements, and a recognized body of knowledge. Practitioner expertise is acquired through the study of these minimum standards translating to professional law enforcement services. 

This accreditation is valid for 5 years. To renew, agencies will need to submit a new application and go through the initial assessment process as they did 5 years earlier.

2014 Revised Standards and Forms (pdf)
2014 Revised Standards and Forms (WORD)
Assessor Application Form
CACP Application Form


*Payment can be sent to the CACP office, P.O. Box 745244, Arvada, CO  80006. CACP will also create an invoice that can be paid with a credit card.

*Email your application to [email protected] or if you are sending a paper copy of your application with payment, you must first notify the CACP office by emailing [email protected] with tracking information and include a scanned PDF copy of the application.

Questions can be directed to Chief David Krouse at [email protected] or CACP at [email protected], or call 720-207-5195.

*Please note: payment must be received before accreditation application can be processed.

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