Journal of Colorado Policing

The journal serves as a professional forum for the dissemination of original research, legal updates, training strategies as well as best practices and literature reviews. The journal incorporates the expertise of both practitioners and academics to achieve these goals. Promoting the publication of peer-reviewed research and providing sound advice from practitioners for law enforcement within the state of Colorado are the journal’s main goals.

 Volume 5, Issue 2: Fall 2020

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Archive Issues of Colorado Police Quarterly Magazine:

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Volume 5, Issue 1: Spring 2020 
Volume 4, Issue 1: Fall 2019
Volume 3, Number 2: Summer, 2017
Volume 3, Number 1: Spring, 2017
Volume 2, Number 4: Winter, 2016 
Volume 2, Number 3: Fall, 2016
Volume 2, Number 2: Summer, 2016
Volume 2, Number 1: Spring 2016
Volume 1, Number 2: Fall, 2015
Volume 1, Number 1: Fall, 2015